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Leadership To Live By™ Fall Workshop Series

Has your professional development budget been tightened? If so, you’re not alone. Because we know the value of personal and professional development, EPI is offering three FREE virtual Leadership To Live By™ workshops focused on the topics of trust, feedback, and conflict. We have taken the best of our leadership curriculum to create this valuable three-part workshop series, led by our leadership development experts.

Building Team Trust in a Changing Environment, September 24,12-1 pm CT

Even in the best circumstances, building and maintaining an environment of trust can be difficult. But during a global pandemic? It’s especially challenging! However, the value of trust on a team is indisputable. It has been shown that high-trust organizations outperform low-trust organizations by 286%! Sound interesting? Join us for this virtual event where you will: 

    • Discover why trust feels elusive 
    • Learn which behaviors foster trust 
    • Access actionable strategies to create trust 


This first session of the Leadership to Live By workshop series will enable you to build a foundation of trust and maximize your team’s effectiveness.  


Giving Difficult Feedback No Matter What, October 22, 12-1 pm CT

Does delivering difficult feedback stress you out? Most of us get anxious about delivering a message someone may not want to hear. Yet it is a vital skill if you work with people. Yes, delivering difficult feedback is hard and sometimes scary. And yes, you still must do it. Don’t know where to start? This EPI Leadership to Live By workshop is designed to support you in becoming an even better leader—one who provides difficult, developmental feedback when required. Join us for this virtual event where you will learn how to:  

    • Plan the feedback conversation 
    • Structure and deliver the feedback  
    • Recognize and address any objections 
    • Employ five tips for making giving difficult feedback easier


Navigating the Stormy Waters of Conflict, November 19, 12-1 pm CT

Is someone always mad at someone else where you work? Conflict is an unavoidable part of our lives; it’s also part of what makes us human. But there are good and bad ways to handle conflict. Chances are we have all experienced a bad way. Are you eager to discover a better way to navigate conflict? Join us for the third and final workshop of our fall Leadership to Live By series where we will:  

    • Reflect on personal views of conflict 
    • Recognize symptoms of conflict 
    • Identify causes of conflict 
    • Address personal perspective and communication expectations 
    • Learn a process for leading yourself and others through conflict more effectively 


Register for one or all three workshops (you do not need to attend one before another)!

You will receive the Zoom link prior to each session.

Your Workshop Facilitators


Deanell Sandoval, PCC | VP of Leadership Development     

Believing that any business or individual can accomplish big goals when equipped with the right leadership development, Deanell is an industry expert with more than 25 years of experience in leading teams, coaching, training, and facilitating. 




Jamie Cornell, MA, CPC | Director of Leadership

With more than 20 years of experience in leadership facilitation and professional coaching, Jamie is an expert in training, engaging, and maximizing individuals, teams, and organizations to create lasting accountability.