EPI Celebrates its 15-year Anniversary

EPI, founded in 2002 by Michelle Kelly, celebrates 15 years.

October 29, 2017

Empowering Performance, Inc. is celebrating its 15th Anniversary in October 2017. A learning and development firm, EPI designs and delivers custom learning solutions and leadership development programs for client organizations. CEO (Chief Enjoyment Officer) Michelle Kelly founded the company on her belief that fun ꟷin all its forms ꟷ engages, develops, and retains every organization’s most valuable asset: people. The company’s “fun” manifesto has guided EPI’s work since its 2002 incorporation.

EPI is celebrating its 15-year mark by reflecting on its successes with partners across a wide range of sectors, including the financial, software, healthcare, housing, construction, and non-profit industries. Kelly expresses her gratitude for former and current clients stating, “Their challenges and successes have become part of our company DNA.”

Reflecting on the trajectory of EPI, Kelly says, “Over the past 15 years, we’ve grown as individuals and as a team. As a company, we’ve changed and adapted. Our offerings are broader, our skills deeper. And our belief in our philosophy, our clients, and one another is stronger than ever.”

In honor of this milestone, EPI has released “15 Lessons 15 Years,” an infographic that highlights the top takeaways of working in the learning and development industry over the past 15 years.

View the 15 Lessons 15 Years infographic here or contact EPI to discover how they can support your training and development needs.

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