EPI Article Included in Training Industry Magazine

“Unclog Your Training with Clean Writing”

June 20, 2017

Joann Lynch, EPI’s Vice President of Client Services, recently had her instructional design article included in the latest edition of Training Industry Magazine.


In “Unclog Your Training with Clean Writing,” Joann emphasizes the following points to ensure you communicate your message accurately:

  • Use active voice: Make sure the subject of your sentence performs the action. Generally, an active sentence is more direct, uses fewer words, and results in more white space on the page.
  • Keep it super simple (K.I.S.S.): Get the message across using the shortest word or phrase that means the same thing. Avoid jargon or other trendy terms.
  • Avoid filler words: Omit words that provide no additional meaning or are redundant, such as “actually” or “really.” Simply put, just get to the point.

Joann will facilitate a mini-workshop session on “clean writing” at the upcoming PACT Excellence Share on August 11th from 8:30 AM – 12 PM. You can register for this event here or inquire about hosting a similar workshop at your organization or conference by contacting EPI.

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