EPI Launches Landmark Coaching Tool for Organizational Leaders

Five Cornerstone Coaching Conversations® Developed As Breakthrough “Meetings in a Box”

January 17, 2017

Empowering Performance, Inc. and ContXt Corp. have co-created a one-of-a-kind leadership coaching kit. This breakthrough leadership tool is designed for organizations and leaders wanting to shift performance through targeted coaching conversations.

The Five Cornerstone Conversations of Coaching® “meeting in a box” kit delivers everything busy leaders and managers need to facilitate small group sessions that build coaching skills. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of coaching, motivation, engagement, and how to implement the Five Cornerstone Conversations of Coaching into their daily work.

“We partnered with ContXt to combine our leadership coaching material into a scalable “meeting in a box” delivery format,” says Deanell Sandoval, EPI’s Director of Leadership Development. She also reveals, “In less than two hours, facilitators in any organization can train other leaders on how to utilize these five coaching conversations. We understand organizations need authority and flexibility on how, where, and when to roll out this tool.”

John Hollander, Vice President Western Operations at ContXt, continues, “The Five Cornerstone Conversations of Coaching is a kit designed to promote long-term leadership engagement and personal accountability within organizational teams. It is an essential resource for leaders who believe coaching is the best way to develop individuals who can come together in strong teams and achieve organizational goals.”

Each “meeting in a box” contains:

  • A visually-oriented Coaching Map, to engage leaders in discussion and present each conversation within the larger framework of all Five Cornerstone Coaching Conversations;
  • A Dialogue Guide for facilitators to use as they teach leaders and teams about the Five Conversations;
  • A set of Activity Cards facilitators can use to make each session engaging, interactive, and rewarding;
  • Participant Booklets every learner receives, designed to reinforce the core concepts as they begin having their own Five Conversations with team members.

Ask EPI for more information about the Five Cornerstone Conversations of Coaching.

Download the press release for the Denver community, here.
Download the press release for the Minneapolis community, here.

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