Recommended Reading

Win at Work and Succeed at Life: 5 Principles to Free Yourself from the Cult of Overwork by Michael Hyatt & Megan Hyatt Miller 

A successful career shouldn't come at the price of overwhelming stress, happiness, relationships, or your health. It's time to free yourself from the culture of overwork.

This father-daughter author duo provides five principles to help you strive for balance in your work and personal life without abandoning your personal beliefs.

        1. Work is only one of many ways to orient your life.
        2. Constraints foster productivity, creativity and freedom.
        3. Work-life balance is truly possible.
        4. There is incredible power in nonachievement.
        5. Rest is the foundation of meaningful, productive work.


“The cult of overwork is a powerful tide that can pull you far from shore if you’re not aware of its force.”

Read this book and discover ways to find the needed balance in your life!


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