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EPI's leadership programs are built on three philosophies:

Humans are not resources.  

Resources are raw commodities that can be bought and sold. Coffee is a resource. Timber is a resource. Copper is a resource. People are people. We have a uniquely human consciousness and complex capacities, allowing us to live with unlimited potential.

We are all leaders.

Leadership isn't designated by your job title. It's a state of mind. Leadership starts with your own beliefs and conduct. Like a wellspring, your leadership mindset flows into all of your relationships, shaping the quality and quantity of your results.

Leadership is a practice to live by.

Whether you're emerging as a leader or you've been leading for a lifetime, your leadership skills aren't built from a set of check-the-box core competencies. Your actions, accomplishments, and influence are measured by your contributions, day after day after day.

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Leadership to Live By
Our flagship, customizable leadership program drives results from the inside out. Elevate your leaders with this action-oriented, activity-based program powered by contemporary research.

Lead Change Well
Organizational change doesn't need to be fearsome or hard. This "end-to-beginning" change solution helps your leaders reframe resistance as opportunity.

DiSC® Assessments
DiSC® offers insights into your unique workstyle and the styles of others. Receive tips, strategies, and action plans for becoming a more effective leader and resolving common workplace challenges. 

Five Cornerstone Conversations of Coaching®
Even your best leaders can fall short as coaches. Develop future-focused coaches in just two hours with this "meeting in a box."

I highly recommend EPI’s expertise, leadership, and creativity to make the whole process, from needs analysis to implementation, a success in any size company.

Corporate Training and Development Manager

Our collaboration with EPI is professional, yet personal, and they make the entire process and experience fun.

Corporate Training and Development Manager

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EPI enabled us to build our internal capabilities and helped us grow at a time when we were really focused on making the most of our resources.

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