DiSC® Assessments

Does your team struggle with communication or collaboration? Do your leaders need new ways to offer and receive feedback in order to drive team results?

With a variety of assessment types to choose from, DiSC® products offer you insights and strategies that resolve common workplace challenges and immediately impact team performance, communication, and leadership effectiveness.

A comprehensive workplace development solution that builds effective and productive relationships at work. Empower team members with:

  • Knowledge of their DiSC® style's priorities, motivators, and stress triggers
  • Recognition of differences and similarities among the various DiSC® styles
  • Strategies to reduce workplace tension, solve problems, positively contribute, and develop more meaningful connections with colleagues


Tailored specifically to enhance the critical skills that managers need to build solid relationships with direct reports as well as up the chain of command. Empower your managers with:

  • Knowledge of their DiSC® Management style: priorities and preferences that shape their experience as a manager who delegates and directs, and as a contributor who manages up
  • Strategies for improving employee motivation and developing people potential across DiSC® styles


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Discover how your team scores on the key components of the Five Behaviors model: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. Empower your team with:

  • Knowledge of how each individual's DiSC® style compares across the team
  • Strategies for team members to contribute to the team's overall success


Provides a clear path for helping leaders connect their DiSC®

style and leadership effectiveness. Everything DiSC®

Work of Leaders brings together best practices from over 300 experts, prominent scholarly work, and years of research and development. Empower your leaders with:

  • Knowledge of how priorities and tendencies shape the core leadership work of visioning, aligning with vision, and championing vision execution
  • Strategies for how to play to strengths, overcome challenges, and develop preferred behaviors based on context-specific best practices

For six years, we've used Everything DiSC® to create a common language around leadership behavior. Thanks to DiSC®, our leaders have learned how to flex their work styles to work more effectively with their teams. Team performance has improved and we've created a culture of understanding that draws on everyone's strengths. EPI has been a fabulous partner in these endeavors!

Director of Learning

A dynamic feedback tool based on the Eight Approaches to Effective Leadership framework. Leaders incorporate critical feedback from direct reports, colleagues, and supervisors into a development plan to increase leadership effectiveness. Empower your leaders with:

  • Recognition of the tendencies that shape their leadership approach based on their DiSC® style
  • Understanding of how others see them as a leader, compared to their own leadership self-ratings
  • Knowledge of which Effective Leadership Approaches and Practices are their current strengths and which should be further developed
  • Personalized strategies to improve leadership based on rater feedback
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I highly recommend EPI’s expertise, leadership, and creativity to make the whole process, from needs analysis to implementation, a success in any size company.

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While we expected you to deliver a good product, we were delighted that you delivered it with such commitment and passion.

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While we expected you to deliver a good product, we were delighted that you delivered it with commitment and passion.

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