This is our manifesto: Learning should be fun. Seriously, fun.

We believe fun learning and development experiences are the key to building teams of skillful, loyal people who always show up to deliver their best.

Fun learning experiences drive results better than anything else inside your organization. They’re also the key to sustaining results.

That’s why, at EPI, we know and we live by these learning and development principles:

  • Fun learning experiences are relevant, respectful… and provocative.
  • With the right content, nuance, and technical flair, fun learning experiences teach people to stretch and grow into resilient, loyal game-changers.
  • Learning experiences are at their best when we are all empowered to show up with professionalism and our own humanity.
  • Fun invites trust, growth, and loyalty so your organization continues to develop work, results, and relationships you’re proud of.

EPI was founded in 2002 by Michelle Kelly. Michelle leads EPI from her fundamental belief in fun. Fun—in all its forms—engages, develops, and retains every organization’s most valuable asset: people.

"I started EPI because I want people to enjoy going to work as much as I do. By creating fun learning experiences that ensure people have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform well, we all win!"

Michelle Kelly

Michelle Kelly

Founder and CEO

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