Think about when you’ve been in the most comfortable place in your bed. You know… you’re not too hot or too cold, the blankets are draped exactly so, and you feel like you could stay there all day?

The Sweet Spot.

Now ponder a time when your day started just right. You woke up early. You had the focus to make appointments, clean your house, prep a great dinner, and even exercise.

The Sweet Spot.

You know how the sweet spot feels, but what does that feeling look like at work?

As workplace energy ebbs and flows, how do you achieve that sweet spot in a prosperous and authentic way? Although you won’t necessarily find the perfect sweet spot every day, there are things you can do to get there more often. Here is what we suggest:

  • Focus.

Make time to plan. On Friday afternoon, take a few minutes to determine what your goals are for the next week and decide where your focus should be. Focus can also be reviewing goals daily and adjusting the list based on how things are going. And it can mean doing good things for yourself that help strengthen your focus “muscle.”

A solid night’s sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise are foundational for building that focus muscle.

  • Engagement.

What does being engaged in your work look like for you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Why do you do what you do? If you can answer these questions, chances are you are engaged in your work.

Engagement is the why of your work.

Certainly, work is not awesome all the time! But, overall, is your contribution valued? What are your opportunities for growth? How do you communicate with people at all levels of the organization? Do you feel connected to the company’s mission and vision, and is your work linked to its overall purpose?

  • Productivity.

This is a little different from focus. Of course, if you are focused you may be more productive. But what are the other contributing factors to productivity? What tools do you use to keep organized?

Being mindful and intentional about how you approach what you do AND when you do it, is the key to becoming more productive.

What time of day allows you to maintain focus on a big project? Is it first thing in the morning? If so, why spend your most productive time reviewing and responding to email?

But many people do exactly this. Ask yourself what times of day are better for focused work versus creative work versus mindless work, and align your actual work to those times.

  • Building Relationships.

Being able to connect with people at work is essential to experiencing the sweet spot. How do you invest in this piece? If you are a leader, how often do you individually coach each of your team members? Are you involved in team building efforts? What do you contribute to overall team and organizational culture? Challenge yourself to go to lunch or coffee each week with someone you don’t know very well; cultivate a deeper relationship.

Good news! Each day at work you have a fresh opportunity to find that sweet spot. The sweet spot just feels good. And feeling good at work is seriously fun.

Deanell Sandoval, Vice President of Leadership and Development 

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