EPI crafts eLearning and custom training programs that are winsome, engaging, and 100% relevant to your teams.

Our team has the creativity, wisdom, and technical know-how to spark and sustain your learners’ interest. We go after true innovation and deep engagement.

With the right mix of “new school” standards like gamification, sims, social learning, etc., and Ye Olde Best Practices, EPI takes your content and shapes it into powerful, fun learning assets.

eLearning Courseware

Build loyalty and engagement, from Day 1, with custom eLearning courseware.

From micro-modules to comprehensive learning campaigns, we use the best rapid eLearning development tools, so you see results in your frontline, top line, and you-bet-your bottom-dollar line.

This isn’t churn-and-burn, low-touch eLearning farmed out overseas. We craft high-value learning assets based around your content, budget, and business infrastructure. Does that mean we’re expensive? Nope. It means we’re thoughtful, deliberate, strategic, and scrappy.

From onboarding through knowledge questing to skill building, your dollars always deliver game-changing eLearning experiences.

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can help your team

Wow. This is the first time I actually learned something from an eLearning course. In fact, I learned a lot of things. Thank you for respecting my time.

Enterprise Solutions Executive

Instructor-led Training

Whether you’re starting from scratch or enhancing something tried and true, EPI is your go-to partner for instructor-led training experiences.

We craft ILT so it fits seamlessly into your workday, addresses your priorities, and becomes instantly actionable. From just-in-time lunch-and-learns to annual training events, we work on site, off site, and with your facilitators or ours.

You set the goals and define the scope. Meanwhile, we design and deliver to win.

Talk to us about how eLearning
can help your team

This was, by far, the most productive and educational workshop I’ve ever attended.

Senior Manager

Virtual Learning

EPI designs (and will happily host or monitor) a full range of virtual engagement programs, including webinars, remote labs, video conferencing, and more.

Our programs are focused and authentically engaging; we never insult people with gimme-polls or are-you-kidding-me-quizzes. We know you’re competing for attention and engagement in the online world, and every moment counts.

It’s our job to surprise, delight, and connect with your team, so their learning experience is memorable, meaningful, and immediately actionable.

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I am amazed at how well you are able to articulate our processes.

Chief Operations Officer

Blended Learning

Blended learning solutions are delivered across platforms and designed to engage learners at multiple touchpoints throughout the year.

EPI shares our technical talent, worldly wisdom, and sparkling creativity to engage your learners whenever the time is right. (And, yes, the time is always right for learning.)

Your solution is 100% unique to your organizational culture and goals. Plus, you optimize impact for every learner…and your organization at large.

With individual and team-based learning experiences, you customize and pace the content, delivery methods, and success metrics.

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work for your organization

It's been my pleasure working with you…as we built out a much improved training program. We should all be proud of what has been accomplished in such a relatively short span of time.

Vice President, North American Sales

EPI’s learning solutions have impacted nearly 100,000 leaders inside organizations like yours.

The training was easy to follow, highly engaging and interactive, and based on the feedback I’m getting — impactful. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Director, Talent Management

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