I sought out this type of business book to help me understand the customer’s world a bit better. But what intrigued and then challenged me about this particular book were the reviews that stated “all you’ll need to get your business up to speed quickly.”

Could it really be made that easy? The answer is emphatically “Yes!”

Josh Kaufman’s A Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business teaches business best practices through simple language and applicable real-world scenarios. And it was just the book I was looking for to help me tie it all together. It opened my eyes to a world I had never really understood.

I honestly loved this book. What I found most helpful was how the design of the book worked with the mobility of my job. It traveled well. I’d listen to a chapter on a plane. A few days later, I listened to another chapter while driving to a client’s office. A couple weeks later, another chapter while taking a walk. Keeping momentum wasn’t really a requirement as the concepts don’t rely upon one another. I did find it useful to take notes throughout to help process the mental models Kaufman presented.

I plan to listen to this book again in the next few months because audio works best for me, but I will also get the physical book for the illustrations and other visual references mentioned.

This book will leave you feeling like a business rock star in no time! Highly recommended.

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