eLearning developers can sometimes lose sight of the Big Picture. We often get too caught up in the creative process, jumping right into the “what” and “how” questions. What are the right visuals? What are some fun interactions? How can we develop more interesting scenarios?

But these questions can distract us from focusing on the fundamental objective of the eLearning course.

So, how do we keep the end goal in mind? Plan.

  • eLearning Industry’s Mohammad Hassam talks about how focusing on the “what” and the “how” can lead us in the wrong direction. He suggests that we apply Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Model to eLearning. By first asking “why,” we can shape a more instructionally sound course for learners.
  • Some course elements, such as videos, can be involved and complex, which makes planning crucial. Learning Solutions Magazine dives into eLearning video development and identifies the key aspects of how preproduction planning can make a lesson’s video really pay off.

Take the time to plan and consider the “why” of your projects. It will lead to more dynamic and effective eLearning.

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