Do you find the new year ripe with potential . . . or stress?

As a leader, you have the opportunity to leverage behaviors and tools to help your team members feel safe, engaged, and effective during stressful times. How?

Add “Deconstruct the Stress” as an agenda item to improve team performance.

This type of agenda item can catch people by surprise, and that isn’t a bad thing.

However, depending on your team’s level of trust for you and one another, it may be best to approach these conversations one-on-one. At least, at first.

Here are 8 questions you can use to jump-start a conversation and deconstruct stress, so you and your team can move through it productively:

  1. What are your main stressors here at work, right now? Why do those seem stressful to you?
  2. What else are you feeling stressed about?
  3. Are you experiencing stress in your life outside of work? What’s the impact on you?
  4. How would you describe your stress constitution? For example, would you say you recover quickly, or do you need a fair amount of time to process stressful emotions or experiences?
  5. How do you typically navigate through a stressful experience?
  6. What positive habits do you have that help you manage your stress?
  7. Which two habits would you like to change as a way to help you better process your stress?
  8. What can you do, immediately, to begin to shift those habits that trouble you?


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