Bored female office worker in front of big clock

Boredom’s Antidote

April 25, 2018

I am inspired when I see my team members get excited about their own growth and development. As an award-winning authorized partner, EPI attended a recent conference for distributors of the DiSC® workplace assessment tool. Our team member returned brimming with ideas.

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planning fallacy shown by man looking at bulletin board with many papers

5 Ways to Avoid the Planning Fallacy

One of the hardest leadership lessons to grasp is how to plan effectively. It’s a lesson we humans seem to struggle with in all aspects of our lives. We think we can plan well, but the truth is we can’t. Psychologically, part of the problem may be that we all want to “under promise and over deliver.” This is where the “planning fallacy” comes into play.

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A Note from Michelle: Lead Change Well

March 28, 2018

Everyone at any level in an organization has the opportunity to make a positive difference regarding change. But you can make the adjustment less painful for your team by preparing, executing, and sustaining change with intent. By leading change well.

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