Technological innovations over the last 40 years have led to a great divide between traditional work environments and how people today engage and learn. Are we designing courses to be breezed through and simply checked off?

Or are we providing tools that develop self-driven learners who continually improve as an integrated part of their jobs?

From Modern Workplace Learning Magazine: Jane Hart lays out Part 1 of her Blueprint for Supporting Modern Professional Learning. It’s a bold description of modern employees who take charge of their own learning needs. Most companies are still working in a top-down, prescriptive L&D environment, directly at odds with the modern age.

From In 10 Ways to Make L&D Cool Again, Karla Gutierrez suggests creativity in eLearning development is more important than ever in motivating the self-driven learner.

At EPI, we’re all about the self-learning-take-charge-of-your-own-development-and-self-improvement-using-too-many-hyphens working life. Never stop asking questions and never stop looking for answers.

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